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Our services

We offer comprehensive services for your production facility, from installation, commissioning and automation to maintenance, and support for peripheral processes. Our range of services also includes digital optimization options.

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  • Maintain
  • Support
  • Install
  • Electrical and Mechanical Installation

    Leadec assembles, installs, and wires entire production facilities, individual production units, and safety-relevant elements.

  • Technical Facility Management

    Modern buildings and technical facilities are part of an ideal production environment. To ensure that they function reliably, Leadec Hungary responsibly tends to their professional operation, maintenance, inspection, and repair.

  • Infrastructural Facility Management

    Production is the heart of a company, but the buildings are its face. Not only for customers and partners but also for employees. And because cleanliness plays a central role here, Leadec Hungary handles the cleaning and maintenance of the complete infrastructure.

  • Logistics

    In-house processes play a major role in the success of a production operation. Leadec in Hungary therefore organizes and optimizes processes and handles all logistical tasks inside and outside your production buildings professionally and reliably.

  • Technical Cleaning

    Among other things, plants only run smoothly if they are free of dirt and debris. Here, Leadec in Hungary builds on almost 60 years of experience in technical cleaning.

  • Special Services

    What will ensure the best conditions at your site? Our services. A strong partner in many areas.