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  • Leadec employee cleaning robot in a paint shop.
  • Maintenance and cleaning of manufacturing equipments

    Whether it's technical cleaning of ventilation systems, paint shops or machinery, our specialists will ensure that your production equipment stays clean and retains its value.

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Technical cleaning

We know that the smooth running of production equipment is fundamental to the success of a manufacturing business. To achieve this, machinery must be cleaned regularly and professionally. With our experience in equipment cleaning and special project cleaning, up-to-date expertise and state-of-the-art cleaning processes, we are at your disposal to provide a tailor-made cleaning solution for your manufacturing equipment.


Our technical cleaning services offer not only a reliable, fast and efficient solution, but also material-saving and environmentally friendly methods. We also aim to maintain the value of your production equipment and prevent downtime due to contamination, ensuring efficient production in the long term.

Services in the field of Technical cleaning

Equipment cleaning
  • Complete cleaning of presses, press tools, production equipment, production robots, laser cabinets, conveyor belts, drying equipment, grinding cabins and production lines
Paint shop cleaning
  • Complete paint shop cleaning
  • Cleaning of robots, conveyors, polishing booths, dryers, KTL baths, etc.
  • Application of high pressure cleaning technologies (from 1000 bar)

Control cabinet cleaning

  • Complete cleaning of switch cabinets and control cabinets using dry ice cleaning technology, even during operation

Paint stripping of skids and fixtures

  • Removal of industrial paint from skids and fixtures using burn-off method and grit blasting techniques

Special project cleaning

  • Complete cleaning of hall structures using alpinist and lifting machine technology
  • Cleaning of hall ventilation systems
  • Cleaning of kitchen, grease extraction systems
  • Cleaning of silos, tanks, enclosed spaces, shafts, cooling towers
  • Special ATEX/EX (explosive atmospheres) cleaning
  • Disinfectant cleaning
  • Cleaning methods using nanotechnology

Our technical cleaning services.
Your market advantage.

Whatever your industry, if you need technical cleaning services, we are your partner in making your vision a reality.  We provide the backbone for smooth manufacturing processes, allowing you to focus on your core business.

Environmentally friendly

In our cleaning services, we ensure that we use environmentally friendly cleaning products and processes that comply with sustainability principles.

Avoidance of downtime due to contamination

By regularly cleaning production equipment, we can ensure less downtime and improved production smoothness.

Extension of machine runtime

The performance of production equipment is improved through regular and professional cleaning and good hygiene.

Cost saving solutions

By outsourcing technical cleaning services, your company will save significant resources that can be invested in developing your core business and further strengthening your market position.

Full service portfolio

Our technical cleaning services can be linked from the construction phase of factories to the operation of production sites.

Professional credibility

Consistent, high quality work is fundamental to us because we know it builds trust and long term relationships.

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