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  • Efficient logistics process management

    Smooth logistics processes are essential for optimum production. Leadec ensures this through its services for the maintenance and management of innovative logistics systems. Whether it is logistics planning, transport or warehousing, we create the best possible production conditions.

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Whether it's a production site or a single location, Leadec can manage the entire logistics process. You can count on our team of experts right from the planning stage. We develop comprehensive and tailor-made logistics solutions for our customers, taking maximum account of their specific needs.


Our logistics services include warehousing, internal transport, packaging and disposal logistics. Our solutions can reduce logistics costs and optimise productivity.

Services in the field of Logistics

Empties handling
  • Return of empties from production to warehouse
  • Selectively sorting reusable and disposable packaging materials in the warehouse
  • Collating returnable empties, carrying them to the delivery area and loading them onto a vehicle as instructed by the delivery manager

Logistics for non-serial parts

  • Removing non-serial parts from the transport vehicle
  • Physical receipt of materials
  • Transporting incoming materials to the storage location and then to the place of use based on the usage requirements

Internal transport

  • Transfer of raw materials or finished products to a specified storage location within the factory based on internal requirements

Line-side delivery

  • Collect parts in the specified quantities based on lists provided by the production process supporter IT systems
  • Deliver the collected parts and place them in storage areas on the assembly or production lines


  • Collect parts in specified quantities from lists provided by the production process support IT systems and place them on delivery trolleys in the specified system order
  • The trolleys must be visualised for this work


  • Packaging of parts, manufactured components or finished products according to specified requirements
  • Using IT systems to support the manufacturing process
  • Delivering packaged units to the shipping area

Warehouse and spare parts management

  • Transport of received parts to dedicated storage area and storage of materials
  • Use of excess material tracking system
  • Move materials to support line supply
Disposal logistics
  • The removal of unusable, rejected parts, components or finished products to the quarantine area
  • Transporting parts destined for scrapping to the scrapping area
  • Decontamination of parts in accordance with instructions

Our logistics services.
Your market advantage.

No matter what industry you're in and where you need logistics services, we're your partner in making that happen. We contribute to the operational success, cost savings and long-term competitiveness of manufacturing companies.

System-supported processes

Optimising carrier stock using Warehouse Management Software.

Full service portfolio

With its logistics services, Leadec can contribute to every phase of a project.

Short term plans

Tight schedules are no problem for us. If necessary, we can coordinate several teams at the same time.

Reduction in costs

Our services help reduce logistics costs and optimise inventory management, which can result in significant savings in the long run.

Professional credibility

Consistent, high quality work is fundamental to us. We know that it builds trust and long term relationships.

High customer satisfaction

We respond promptly to our customers' needs and provide personalised services to achieve the highest levels of satisfaction.

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