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  • Complete maintenance of industrial facilities

    Our Infrastructural Facility Management service ensures the effective cleaning and maintenance of all production-related infrastructure. We create a pleasant working environment and ensure optimum maintenance of your buildings, areas and equipment.

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Infrastructural Facility Management

Our Infrastructural Facility Management services provide industrial manufacturing companies with a solid foundation for optimal and efficient operations. For our partners, we ensure the efficient operation and maintenance of buildings and facilities, as well as compliance with environmental guidelines. We also ensure that the infrastructure entrusted to us meets the relevant operational standards and safety regulations.

Leadec's activities include regular cleaning, window and facade cleaning, gardening and maintenance of public areas. In addition, we can provide facility management services for special projects, and you can also count on us for fine cleaning.

Services in the field of Infrastructural FM

Janitorial cleaning
  • General building cleaning
  • Interior cleaning and maintenance using the latest technology such as robots
  • Grounds maintenance, plant procurement and planting

Window and exterior cleaning

  • Cleaning of facades, windows and glass with the environmentally friendly, chemical-free PuraClean and alpin technologies


  • Exterior paved surfaces - footpaths, roads, car parks - management
  • Outdoor plant care
  • Lawn Care
  • Planting and maintenance of ornamental plants, flowers and trees

Winter services

  • Keeping roads, pavements and car parks clean and clear of snow

Furniture move

  • Removal service
  • Moving and transport of office furniture and other related items

Special project cleaning

  • Specific cleaning technologies required by new factories, industrial halls and facilities under construction
  • Cleaning in industrial environments as a support and complementary activity to productive activities. This includes the cleaning of robots and production machines, in all cases adapted to the manufacturer's processes.
  • Technologies used: alpine techniques, scaffolding and lifting equipment, work requiring high (steam) or low (dry ice) temperature technologies, cleaning and disinfection of cleanrooms

Deep cleaning

  • Cleaning of various industrial facilities during construction, as well as the internal cleaning of premises prior to handover

Our Infrastructural FM services.
Your market advantage.

No matter what industry you're in and where you need Infrastructural Facility Management services, we're your partner in making that happen. We contribute to the operational success, cost savings and long-term competitiveness of manufacturing companies.

Highly qualified personnel

Our team is made up of well-trained professionals who have the experience and expertise to ensure that we deliver high quality services to our clients.

Short term plans

Keeping to tight schedules is not a problem for us. If necessary, we can coordinate several teams at the same time.

High customer satisfaction

We respond promptly to our customers' needs and achieve the highest level of satisfaction with our personalised services.

Value retention

Maintaining cleanliness and hygiene, regular maintenance and protecting the environment will help to preserve the value of your buildings and facilities.

Reduction in costs

Our efficient Infrastructural Facility Management services can help you reduce maintenance and repair costs and optimise energy use, resulting in significant long-term savings.

Professional credibility

Consistent, high quality work is fundamental to us. We know that it builds trust and long term relationships.

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