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    The unexpected failure of buildings and equipment that are part of the production environment can cause serious disruption to production. With us you can avoid all this. Leadec takes care of the professional operation and complete maintenance and repair of technical installations.

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Technical Facility Management

Technical Facility Management (TFM) is one of the key activities that ensure production continuity. It is in this area that Leadec's staff are involved, ensuring the smooth running of the production site building. This includes daily operations, maintenance, inspections and the development and implementation of specific improvement concepts.
All work is carried out in parallel with the production process, without interrupting it. To ensure traceability and transparency, the work carried out is documented in our CAFM system.

Services in the field of TFM

Facilities maintenance

Operation of industrial plant systems and equipment (ventilation, heating and cooling, water supply, sanitation, building structures, electrical network):

  • Preservation of buildings, remediation of environmental impact and damage. Repair and replacement of ageing technical building elements.
  • Preventive maintenance and repair of deteriorated and damaged building services. These inspections allow the early detection of operational wear and fatigue, and the replacement of rotating and moving parts can be planned in advance.
  • Carry out the necessary repairs in the event of equipment failure due to external or internal influences. Restoration of 100% operation in the shortest possible time.

All the equipment we service has a full lifecycle record. The quality of our TFM services is constantly monitored and fine-tuned based on this data.

Technical facilities management

  • It is a common customer requirement that the working environment should be comfortable for the workers. This is why we make sure that the facilities entrusted to us meet these requirements, not only in terms of construction, but also in terms of the health and comfort of the people who work in them.
  • This includes ensuring good air quality and maintaining and improving the cleanliness of the environment.

Building automation management

  • We take care of the design, installation and operation of the automatic control of technical equipment in buildings, such as heating, cooling, lighting or security systems. This not only maximises the energy efficiency of the building, but also increases the sense of comfort and security.
  • With the networks we build and the controllers, sensors and software we use to operate them, it is possible to continuously monitor the condition and performance of buildings. If necessary, intervention can take place before an event occurs that could disrupt the production process or jeopardise safe working conditions.

Warranty management

  • We manage the manufacturer's warranties for the technical equipment used by our partners. We record the time and method of installation so that any warranty repairs can be dealt with quickly and efficiently. This ensures the long-term efficient operation and value of the equipment.

Energy management

  • In the case of a manufacturing site, the largest energy consumer is the building itself and the equipment it houses. The efficient use of energy resources is therefore a priority for all industrial players. This is where we help our partners.
  • We carry out regular assessments of the operation of the equipment entrusted to us, giving priority to those with high energy requirements. By constantly monitoring energy balances, we can ensure the efficiency of operations and make suggestions for improvements to increase efficiency.

Building services

  • Our specialists have the expertise and latest equipment to carry out major mechanical installations and troubleshoot operational building services. All tasks are carried out efficiently and in the shortest possible time to ensure a smooth production process.
  • You can rely on the expertise of our engineers from the design stage and on us for maintenance after construction and commissioning.

TFM projects and modifications

  • In order to ensure the best possible operation of equipment at production sites, it is important to monitor its operation and make adjustments where necessary. This can improve efficiency and simplify subsequent maintenance, saving time and money.
  • During operations, we strive to provide our services in an unobtrusive manner, without disturbing the users of the building or the equipment during projects. We call in and carry out the necessary work at times agreed in advance with our partners.
  • We can work nights, weekends and public holidays to ensure that production runs smoothly.
Water and waste water treatment

You can rely on us to monitor the water use of your industrial facilities, from intake to discharge. With our experts we can

  • take care of the operation of water intakes,
  • ensure the correct transport of used water to the wastewater treatment plant connection,
  • operate sewer systems, transfer shafts and wastewater pumps,
  • separate, store and treat rainwater from the sewerage system,
  • ensure the installation and operation of water reuse in mechanical systems.

All these services can save our partners a considerable amount of water.

Our digital solutions

Our digital tools provide transparency and improved service quality, and can be perfectly integrated with any TFM service.


LARA - Leadec Asset Recording & Administration App

The LARA (Leadec Asset Recording & Administration) application has been developed by Leadec's Product Management team. Our tool can continuously and regularly record the operating data of all assets and equipment, from the operation of fire doors to ventilation systems.

Smart Condition Monitoring

Our full service networking and maintenance of technical systems results in greater security and higher availability. This includes our intelligent condition monitoring system, which provides transparent and reliable information to support equipment repair.

Digital Equipment Capture

A complete and continuously updated data structure can ensure optimal planning and control of maintenance processes. To this end, Leadec's system allows the parameters of the production site to be digitised from the commissioning phase onwards and can be easily expanded later if necessary.

Our TFM services.
Your market advantage.

No matter what industry you're in and where you need technical facility management services, we're your partner in making that happen. We contribute to the operational success, cost savings and long-term competitiveness of manufacturing companies.

Strict safety regulations

Our services are certified to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 standards to ensure a high level of operational safety and quality assurance.

High customer satisfaction

We respond promptly to our customers' needs and provide personalised services to achieve the highest levels of satisfaction.

Short term plans

Tight schedules are no problem for us. If necessary, we can coordinate several teams at the same time.

Flexibility and development

Our TFM services enable manufacturers to adapt to new technologies and processes, and to upgrade and modernise their facilities in response to market changes.

Reduction in costs

Our efficient Technical Facility Management services can help you reduce maintenance and repair costs and optimise energy use, resulting in significant long-term savings.

Professional credibility

Consistent, high quality work is fundamental to us. We know that it builds trust and long term relationships.

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