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  • Precise relocation down to the last screw

    Modern manufacturing operates in a dynamically changing environment that requires flexible manufacturing systems. However, redesigning and relocating production lines is a challenging process from a production perspective. To ensure a smooth implementation, Leadec offers a full range of planning, logistics and personnel services to guarantee successful projects.

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Leadec has decades of experience in the dismantling and assembly of production lines, relocation, associated logistics and installation. We know that a successful assembly line relocation starts with planning. What kind of production conditions must be achieved? How much of the line needs to be completely dismantled? Which units can stay, which can be rebuilt or reprogrammed?

From the planning stage, you can count on the expertise of our colleagues to work out all the details with you. They are up to the challenges of the project, even when deadlines are tight.

Services in the field of Relocation

Plant equipment dis- and reassembly
  • We contribute to the efficiency and competitiveness of our customers' operations through a wide range of industrial services. Our experienced team carries out the dismantling and reassembly of plant equipment with precision and safety, minimising production downtime. We have the latest tools and technology to carry out installation, modification and dismantling operations reliably.

Conveyor modification

  • Mechanical and electrical inspection and diagnosis of complete conveyor systems.  
  • Manufacture and design of conveyor systems, including special track elements (reversing tracks, roller/lift tables, inclined tilting belts, barcode reader tracks, lifts).
  • Programming and interfacing of conveyor systems with higher level control systems, creating software with sequencing or route allocation.

Our relocation services.
Your market advantage.

Whatever your industry, whether you need a partial or complete production line redesign or relocation, we are your partner in making your vision a reality. With decades of experience, we can ensure a smooth transition so you can focus on your core business.

Minimizing downtime

We ensure that there is no downtime during the relocation of the machine.

High customer satisfaction

We respond promptly to our customers' needs and provide personalised services to achieve the highest levels of satisfaction.

Timely and efficient implementation

You can rely on our expertise throughout the relocation process, followed by a consistent reporting and control structure.

Highly qualified personnel

Our staff are highly qualified professionals whose experience and expertise guarantee the successful implementation of your projects.

Short term plans

Tight schedules are no problem for us. If necessary, we can coordinate several teams at the same time.

Cost saving solutions

By outsourcing your services, your company will save significant resources that can be invested in developing your core business and further strengthening your market position.

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