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    Our expert team provides a full range of electrical and mechanical services for manufacturing and industrial assembly.

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Electrical and Mechanical Installation

Leadec manufactures, assembles and even installs the electrical and mechanical equipment and structures necessary for the operation of factories. Accordingly, this includes the installation of medium and low voltage equipment, the IT infrastructure and the installation of plant units and systems for the supply of utilities.

Services in the field of Electrical and Mechanical Installation

Installation of medium and low voltage equipment

We manufacture and modify equipment from 0.4kV up to 22kV. These include 

  • control and instrumentation equipment, which may include pneumatic controls, and
  • high current power distribution equipment up to 4000 A.

The equipment is manufactured, certified and CE marked in our own workshops, in full compliance with the relevant standards. Equipment assembled in-house or commercially available, is installed, wired and commissioned at the customer's premises or at the site of the project, under contract to the customer.

Electrical cabling

Electrical cables are installed on the prefabricated supports. These can be

  • high current,
  • large cross-section or
  • control cables,
  • possibly extra flexible (Class 6) or
  • fire resistant for special applications.

Every application has its own characteristics. We take these into account as much as possible in our proposals, drawing on our many years of experience.

Construction of cable support structures

Cable trays or cable ladder systems are required to mechanically secure electrical cables. Separate trays are required for low and high current cables, and special cables (e.g. intrinsically safe) must be separated.

In each case, cable support structures are selected according to the number and cross section of cables to be installed in the trace, taking into account the mechanical strength of the anchorage points and the overall structure. If necessary, long spans of up to 6 metres can be achieved.

Installation of low-current equipment

For our strategic partners, we implement low-voltage systems, in particular

  • the installation of structured networks ( IT ) and
  • access control and intrusion detection systems.

For the installation of optical and copper-based networks, we have all the necessary measuring and termination equipment to ensure that the work is carried out and documented professionally.

Construction of fire alarm systems

  • Our services include the design and implementation of optical, aspiration and in-line fire detection networks, partly in-house and partly subcontracted to specialist companies, even in explosive environments.
  • We can also provide complete RWA systems, allowing you to entrust us with the implementation of a complete fire protection system for a building or production unit.

Installation of lighting systems

When it comes to lighting, it is important to define the function and nature of the area to be illuminated in order to accurately determine the level of illumination required. Our experienced engineers will then select the most appropriate and cost-effective luminaires and lighting systems for the task.

If required, these can be fitted with occupancy or light sensors, saving the investor even more energy. We are also able to design bespoke lighting or switching schemes and remote control systems.

Construction of lightning protection systems

We undertake the design and installation of standard and non-standard lightning protection systems in both normal and explosive environments. Our services also include the complete design and documentation of tanks, tank farms and buildings, from the earthing network through the discharge structures / lightning wires to the lightning rode.

Perform low and high current measurements

The final stage of construction is to certify the integrity of the completed systems. Electrical safety inspections and contractor's declarations are an integral part of these handover documents. This is why our company always carries out measurements of insulation resistance and earth loop resistance and, if necessary, RLC measurements in potentially explosive atmospheres.

Steel and metal construction

We design, manufacture and install both locks and steel structures, tailored to individual needs in both residential and industrial environments.
We undertake the construction of steel railings, podiums, staircases, crash barriers, smoking and cycle shelters, hall structures, canopies and special metal structures, among others.

Our installation services. Your market advantage.

Whether you need electrical or mechanical installation in any industry, we're your partner in making your vision a reality. We provide the backbone for smooth manufacturing processes, allowing you to focus on your core business.

Strict safety regulations

Our services are certified to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 standards to ensure a high level of operational safety and quality assurance.

High customer satisfaction

We respond promptly to our customers' needs and provide personalised services to achieve the highest levels of satisfaction.

Short term plans

Tight schedules are no problem for us. If necessary, we can coordinate several teams at the same time.

Full service portfolio

We carry out electrical and mechanical work from design to installation.

Cost saving solutions

By outsourcing your services, your company will save significant resources that can be invested in developing your core business and further strengthening your market position.

Professional credibility

Consistent, high quality work is fundamental to us because we know it builds trust and long term relationships.

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